BoT In February

Hello Guys & Gals,

For already the second time this year, it’s that time of the month to put your overused keyboard down and have a friendly meet up!

Please see the following events that are planned for February:

Berne:     February 05 –  18:30 CET  – (sign up via email to Indianz – please email board{at} defcon-switzerland {dot} {org} if unsure what this means.)
Zurich:    February 12 –  18:30 CET – (sign up here)
Lucerne: February  19 – 18:30 CET  – (sign up here) or contact rico{at} defcon-switzerland {dot} {org}

As usual, sign up isn’t mandatory but it improves our planning, so we appreciate it. 🙂

All current location information can be found here.


*Super Secret Easter Egg For New Upcoming DC4131 Event(s)*

Image result for matrix dojo

“HeeeeeYAAAAwwwwww” – Not So Silent Ninja


More details to come in due course. As always, we encourage and welcome any comments, questions  and feedback about anything and everything, either in person or via our email. Don’t be shy…..

Looking forward to catching up!

Your Defcon Switzerland Team 🙂