BoT In March

Hello Guys & Gals,

Once again, it’s that time of the month to put your on fire keyboard down and have a friendly meet up!

Please see the following events that are planned for March:

Berne:    March 05 –  18:30 CET  – (sign up via email to Indianz – please email board{at} defcon-switzerland {dot} {org} if unsure what this means.)
Zurich:   March 12 –  18:30 CET – (sign up here)
Lucerne: March 19 – 18:30 CET  – (sign up here) or contact rico{at} defcon-switzerland {dot} {org}

As usual, sign up isn’t mandatory but it improves our planning, so we appreciate it. 🙂

All current location information can be found here.


************** Additional Events Info **************

As you may have noticed in previous months updates, we are starting to host some new events throughout the year, on top of the monthly BoT!

We are excited to announce our new event, the DC4131 Defcon Dojo…. where your l33t hacker skills, across specific hardware, software, applications, protocols, etc. can be initiated, upgraded and fine tuned in our workshop style hands on experience sessions, of course in a relaxed and chilled environment 🙂

We will be looking to run this around every 2 months, with each session dedicated to a specific training topic, as well as having some cool consistent stuff on the side. Further details about where, when and what to expect of this new event will be posted to our main Defcon Switzerland website soon so keep your eyes peeled!


We are also looking forward to hosting our members only Hack-Night coming up this Saturday, giving all the more reason for those yet not signed up, to sign up and become official Defcon Switzerland members for access to all events we organise 😉 For only 20 Swissies a year, what more could you want? For further membership details please go to the Defcon Switzerland website or drop the board an email.


Looking forward to catching up!

Your Defcon Switzerland Team 🙂

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