BoT In Decemeber

Joyous Greetings Fellow DC4131 Crew,

The end of the year is neigh, and we gather together in harmonious hackery for the final time this year. Let us be jolly in the shells we shall receive from Santa……

And what a way to round off the year, by adding not 1, but 2 NEW BoT meetup locations around the country!! 😀

Here are this month’s meetups for DC4131 🙂

Please see the following events that are planned for December:

Berne:    December 03 –  18:30 CEST  – (sign up via email to Indianz – please email board{at} defcon-switzerland {dot} {org} if unsure what this means.)

Chur:  December 03 –  18:30 CEST – (sign up here)

Zurich:  December 10 –  18:30 CEST – (sign up here)

Fribourg: December 10 – 18:30 CEST – (sign up here)

Lausanne:  December 10 – 18:30 CEST – (sign up here) –  !! NEW LOCATION !!Shout out to Julien and Mathias for steeping up to the plate and being the local reps! 🙂 Meetup will happen HERE.

Lucerne: December 17 – 18:30 CEST  – (sign up here) or contact rico{at} defcon-switzerland {dot} {org} –

Basel:  Coming January 2020! – (sign up here) –  !! NEW LOCATION !!Another shout out to Thomas and Mark for steeping up to the plate and being the local reps! 🙂 Meetup will happen HERE.


As usual, sign up isn’t mandatory but it improves our planning, so we appreciate it. 🙂


All current location information can be found here.


************** Additional Events Info **************

A friendly reminder, we are now on Slack! 🙂 Come join, say hi and have direct chat access to all the l33t haxors of Switzerland.



We, as the Defcon Switzerland board, want to take this moment to thank all of you for supporting us and representing the best part of the infosec and wider technical community. We value so much the amazing community, energy and synergy we achieve every month when we meet and catch up, sharing our huge pwning wins and our greatest noob loses. We hope to continue this momentum into the new year and wish you all a very relaxed and refreshing time over Christmas and New Year. Give your monitors, keyboards and mice a rest too, i’m sure they have deserved it…….  🙂


As always, we value your feedback on any topic so don’t be shy to get in touch. Looking forward to catching up!




Your DEFCON Switzerland Team 🙂


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