BoT In November

Hello to all,


The last few weeks have seen, once more, a lot of changes in the way we are able to live day to day life. And after further careful discussion and consideration, the board here at DC4131 have concluded that we are to stop all physical meetups of the BoTs around the nation for the foreseeable future, until such a time again where demonstrable improvement and safety for the community can be ensured to be able to meet up in a socially safe manner. This decision, as all other hard decisions in the past, has not been taken lightly, but we are fully aware of pros & cons to such stances, but we only sincerely act in our community’s best interests and well-being at heart. Of course, we will continue to monitor the situation as it progresses slowly and provide updates once again when other opportunities become available.


Having said that, we are not just disappearing! This means all BoT meetups & chats will be continued across our available virtual environments, on both our Slack ChannelDiscord Server. We are confident that you members of our fine community will still encourage and provide a great social environment on dates on which you can attend, after all at this point, we should be all quite used to sharing a drink through a screen… 😉


Virtual events currently scheduled/proposed for November:

Berne:    November 03 – From 18:30 CET

Chur:  November 03 –  From 18:30 CET

Zurich:  November 10 –  From 18:30 CET

Lausanne:  November 10– From 18:30 CET

Fribourg: November 10 – From 18:30 CET

Basel:  November 17 – From 18:30 CET 

Lucerne: November 17 – From 18:30 CET



As always, we are available for you over our many communication channels (email, slack, twitter, etc..), feel free to reach out directly at any time. We whole-heartedly thank you for your understanding and continued support in these tough times, and journeying through together only makes it that little bit much easier…

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Continue to stay safe, stay healthy, look after each other!


Your DEFCON Switzerland Team 🙂