BoT In February

Greetings DC4131 Team!

The year holds no prisoners and is roaring forward into it’s second month already….

The 1st time meetups in the new locations and the Dojo event held by Floyd for January were a great success and look forward to keeping the momentum going. Great job and thank you so much team!


Please see the following events that are planned for February:

Berne:    February 04 –  18:30 CET  – (sign up via email to Indianz – please email board{at} defcon-switzerland {dot} {org} if unsure what this means.)

Chur:  February 04 –  18:30 CET – (sign up here)

Zurich:  February 11 –  18:30 CET – (sign up here)

Fribourg: February 11 – 18:30 CET – (sign up here)

Lausanne:  February 11 – 18:30 CET – (sign up here)

Lucerne: February 18 – 18:30 CET  – (sign up here) or contact rico{at} defcon-switzerland {dot} {org} –

Basel:  February 18 – 18:30 CET (sign up here)


As usual, sign up isn’t mandatory but it improves our planning, so we appreciate it. 🙂


All current location information can be found here.


************** Additional Events Info **************

A friendly reminder, we are now on Slack! 🙂 Come join, say hi and have direct chat access to all the l33t haxors of Switzerland.



As you may know, 2020 marks an Area41 year, meaning one of Switzerland’s premier InfoSec cons is gracing us with its amazing presence and very much have a ton of awesome stuff planned and in store. For those of you who are currently working on or sitting on some sweet, sweet research or have ideas/content that you feel many in the community can benefit from, DON’T BE SHY TO SHARE! 😀

The Call For Papers (CFP) of Area41 con will be opened on Friday February 14th (yes we are the romantic type…  😛 ), as well as the first round of available tickets! Be sure to keep a close eye out to avoid disappointment.

Further info and details can be found on the website: Area41


As always, we value your feedback on any topic so don’t be shy to get in touch. Looking forward to catching up!


Your DEFCON Switzerland Team 🙂


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