BoT In March

Shout out DC4131 Crew!

February has already seen the 1st round of Area41 tickets fly out the door with the CFP still active and open! We hope this month has been kind to you, but as always, another round of meetups and drinks are always needed so find this months activities below.


Please see the following events that are planned for March:

Berne:           March 03 –  18:30 CET  – (sign up via email to Indianz – please email board{at} defcon-switzerland {dot} {org} if unsure what this means.)

Chur:            March 03 –  18:30 CET – (sign up here)

Lausanne:    March 03 – 18:30 CET – (sign up here) – !! PLEASE NOTE TEMPORARY DATE CHANGE !!

Zurich:         March 10 –  18:30 CET – (sign up here)

Fribourg:      March 10 – 18:30 CET – (sign up here)

Lucerne:       March 17 – 18:30 CET  – (sign up here) or contact rico{at} defcon-switzerland {dot} {org} –

Basel:            March 17 – 18:30 CET (sign up here)


As usual, sign up isn’t mandatory but it improves our planning, so we appreciate it. 🙂


All current location information can be found here.


************** Additional Events Info **************

A friendly reminder, we are now on Slack! 🙂 Come join, say hi and have direct chat access to all the l33t haxors of Switzerland.



As you may have seen, we released the first round of Area41 con tickets during February and were sold out super fast! But fret not, we have more to be released on 14th March @ 3:14pm (in honour of pi day) so be sure to mark your calendars and get in on what will be an awesome conference.

Further info and details can be found on the website: Area41


Additionally, March hosts our next round of the Defcon Dojo, in which this month’s topic will be the professional hands on learning of the art of lock picking kindly hosted by our very own esteemed community member Rubén de Pedro (

He has many years experience in the field and has been featured for his creative ways in news outlets nationally – He Opens Your Lock With A Vibrator

Please Note: This is now a MEMBERS ONLY event! Please contact us @ board{at} defcon-switzerland {dot} {org} if you are not yet a Defcon Switzerland member and we will provide all the information required 🙂

Additional information can be found HERE.


As always, we value your feedback on any topic so don’t be shy to get in touch. Looking forward to catching up!


Your DEFCON Switzerland Team 🙂


Pi Day