BoT In June

Hello To All DC4131’rs,


DEF CON® 28 is Canceled! - Swag



What another month it has been for the infosec community….. for years the cycles of jokes and memes made the rounds, never truly believing it would ever happen, but here we are! What will life be like in a post-cancellation DEFCON world? What will the new meme be?


All jokes aside, we hope your are remaining well, at least summer is fully with us now….

We are, always, working very hard in the shadows to see how’s things look across all our current locations and constantly monitoring Government guidelines. Whilst further easing has happened again at the end of May, and theoretically allowing the potential starting of some physical meetups again, it is unfortunate that some of our beloved meetup locations have seemingly succumb to the pressures of COVID closure, meaning we are currently regrouping on some areas to find and provide the best possible meetup locations for you fine patrons. So with this in mind, we very much ask for your patience one last time for this month, in which we look and aim to get everyone back to ground 0 and establish the new steady baseline to offer you our consistent meetups once more. We very much look forward and anticipate that we will return to full strength in July*!! 😀

*Subject to continued government guidance/observation (of them…. dum dum dum….)


In the meantime, we are still offering opportunities to meet up virtually online every Tuesday, we have a dedicated Discord server which can be joined here:

As well as potentially more localised offerings, which can be found out directly from your BoT location rep. For those who do not know who their local BoT reps are, drop the board an email 😉

There should be hopefully at least one person present every Tuesday this month to have a nice chin wag with. 🙂


We are almost there team, keep up the good fight, very much looking forward to catching up with all you fine hackers soon.


As always, we are available for you over our many communication channels (email, slack, twitter, etc..), feel free to reach out directly at any time.


Almost there... Stay on target. - Red Leader Star Wars ...


Stay safe, stay healthy, look after each other!


Your DEFCON Switzerland Team 🙂