BoT In July

Greetings Loyal DC4131 Netizens,


Another month has travelled by, and as promised, we have worked hard in the background to enable some meetups to become physical again! (with expected safety measures still in place…) 😀

Due to the times, some locations and meetup dates have had to be adjusted and/or updated so please take the time to read through the update below to see how they may affect you. Be aware that the provided details are continually subject to last minute change so please use the available contact resources for the latest info. *For those locations that are not able to provide a physical meetup just yet, fret not as the online meetup options are still available (Discord Server etc…) and we are continually working on making regular physical meetups again as soon as it is safe and available to do so.

We are VERY VERY much looking forward to catching up with you again.


Events currently scheduled for July:

Physical Meetups – 

Berne:    July 07 –  18:30 CEST  – !! NOTE – MANDATORY SIGN UP FOR ATTENDANCE !! Please sign up via email to Indianz {indianz@indianz[.]ch} to ensure your spot. Entry is not guaranteed/permitted without prior sign up. All meetup details will be provided in the reply email.

Chur:  July 07 –  18:30 CEST – (you can sign up here or here!! NOTE – NEW LOCATION !!  The swanky Galliano Bar & Lounge will be your new meetup point 🙂

Zurich:  July 07 –  18:30 CEST– (you can sign up here or here) !! NOTE – TEMP DATE!! Additional Note –  We will still be technically meeting at The Lion Pub, but will have to enter through Brasserie Lipp.

Basel:  July 21 – 18:30 CEST (you can sign up here or here) Same time and place 🙂


Virtual Only Meetups* – 

Lausanne:  July 14 – 18:30 CEST

Fribourg: July 14 – 18:30 CEST

Lucerne: July 21 – 18:30 CEST


************** Additional Events Info **************

A friendly reminder, we are now on Slack! 🙂 Come join, say hi and have direct chat access to all the l33t haxors of Switzerland.




As always, we are available for you over our many communication channels (email, slack, twitter, etc..), feel free to reach out directly at any time.


Welcome back we are up and running - NODISINFO - Clip Art ...


Continue to stay safe, stay healthy, look after each other!


Your DEFCON Switzerland Team 🙂