BoT In October

Greetings Ladies & Gents! 🙂


Summer is definitely on it´s way out (was it even here to start some may ask…), and whilst that’s sad in some ways, it does mean however, we are creeping closer to to that event that is still too early to be named   😛

Q4 has officially begun…

We are back for another month of meetups in various locations across this beautiful nation, please see the latest details below to find a spot that’s closest to you! 🙂


Please see the following events that are planned for October:

Chur:  October 05 –  18:30 CEST – Sunshine Pub Come one, come all!

Zurich:  October 12 –  18:30 CEST – The Lion Pub – Taking over the pub inch by inch monthly…

Basel:  October 19 – 18:30 CEST – Paddy Reilly’s Mandatory pre-sign up required! – Please email bot-basel[@]defcon-switzerland[.]org to secure your spot.

Lausanne:  October 19 – 18:30 CEST – King Size Pub.Mandatory pre-sign up required! – Please message Julien or Mathias to secure your spot!

Berne:    October 19  – 18:30 CEST – Berne IS BACK!! 😀Restaurant Beaulieu –  Mandatory pre-sign up required! – Please message JB to secure your spot!

Lucerne: October 19 – 18:30 CEST  – Lucerne IS BACK!! 😀 Magdi Beiz/Bar Mandatory pre-sign up required! – Please email rico[@]defcon-switzerland[.]org to secure your spot.

Fribourg: – On Hiatus



When we are not at official meetups, we are still available as a community across our available virtual environments, on both our Slack ChannelDiscord Server!


************** Additional Events Info **************

If you have been reading this over the last few months, you would have known that we had our annual members-only DC4131 hike event a couple weeks ago, and it was one of our best and most attended to date! 🙂
We had literally the perfect weather for the day, and the multiple strategies on show were a sight to behold, from the “beer for breakfast” approach, to the “dressed like I’m doing national army service” professional readiness approach, to which we all I’m sure can agree, had an awesome time.

If your thinking, “hey this looks real fun, I want in next year and for all future members-only events, reach out the to the DC4131 board who can let you know how you can become a member 😉


As always, we are here for you and should you want to reach out to us at anytime about anything you can use all the available comms channels 🙂

Stay safe and look forward to seeing you again soon!

Your DEFCON Switzerland Team 🙂

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