BoT In February

Hello once more to everyone! 🙂


Not much has really changed over the last month so we continue to offer our premium online meetup experience over at the BoT Discord server.

We have some wonderfully dedicated community members ensuring fun and eventful times are had when you are able to join us, from your latest work from home hax to fighting over music playlists and even gaming sessions to cry over how you STILL can’t get your hands on a new 3090…


This means all BoT meetups & regular interactions/chats will be continued across our available virtual environments, on both our Slack ChannelDiscord Server.


Until further notice, all monthly meetups will be held online on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

ALL Locations: Tuesday 8th February – Online – From 18:30Discord Server


Of course, as we continue to watch carefully how things progress, we will keep you in the loop of new opportunities and new creative events to keep our community buzzing.

Whilst you’re here, why not go check out our official DC4131 Swag Shop?!   😀 


As always, we are available for you over our many communication channels (email, slack, twitter, etc..), feel free to reach out directly at any time.

Once more, we whole-heartedly thank you for your understanding and continued support in these tough times, and journeying through together only makes it that little bit much easier…

Showdown on Hoth by Michael B. Myers Jr. on Dribbble

Continue to stay safe, stay healthy, look after each other!

Your DEFCON [SAFE MODE] Switzerland Team 🙂