BoT In June

Hi Everyone! 😀

Apologies for the delayed update for this upcoming month, as you may be fully aware, June is Area41 month which means we are working super hard and busy behind the scenes currently to make sure everything is prepared and looking sweet for the con itself. This of course take many hours and days out of our regular schedule, all on a voluntary basis….

But nonetheless! We are back for another round of meetups and sharing cool stories, times and vibes with our amazing community. The summer season is officially with us so lets get outside, soak the sun and a cold one with it.


Please see the following events that are planned for June:

Chur:  June 07 –  18:30 CEST – Sunshine Pub Best drinks in the mountains!

Zurich:  June 14 –  18:30 CEST – The Lion Pub – Our home from home.

Basel:  June 21 – 18:30 CEST – Bierrevier – Mandatory pre-sign up required! – Please email bot-basel[@]defcon-switzerland[.]org to secure your spot.

Lausanne:  June 21 – 18:30 CEST – King Size Pub. – Mandatory pre-sign up required! – Please message Julien or Mathias to secure your spot!

Berne:    June 21 – 18:30 CEST – Restaurant Beaulieu –  Mandatory pre-sign up required! – Please email jb[@]defcon-switzerland[.]org to secure your spot!

Lucerne: June 21– 18:30 CEST  – Magdi Beiz/Bar Mandatory pre-sign up required! – Please email rico[@]defcon-switzerland[.]org to secure your spot.


When we are not at official meetups, we are still available as a community across our available virtual environments, on both our Slack ChannelDiscord Server!


************** Additional Events Info **************

Yes that´s right, we are officially sold out for Area41 for 2022, the tickets sold like hot cakes and we are so humbled and proud that motivation to attend this conference was at such a high demand. We of course can only apologise if were unable to get a ticket this time around, we of course have limits to the amount of space available to us and we strive to ensure the quality and experience had is what our community have come to expect from us. But fret not, all the talks will be recorded and made available on our YouTube channel soon after, so you can catch up with all the cool info, insights, demos and PoCs given at the con 🙂


Don’t forget we also have our official DC4131 Swag e-Shop over at Industry Ink! 😀

Additionally, we are continually evaluating available options for additional events organised by the DC4131 team. If you have any further comments or suggestions for ideas, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us 🙂



As always, we are here for you and should you want to reach out to us at anytime about anything you can use all the available comms channels 🙂

Stay safe and look forward to seeing you again soon!


Your DEFCON Switzerland Team 🙂